Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Check out our new house....as long as escrow goes smoothly!!

This is it! The process started on May 11, a little over 3 weeks ago, but really years and years ago. I have always longed in my heart for community and friendship. I knew very early on that I wanted to live life at Open Door Fellowship, share life, whatever that looked like, happy times, hard times, hurtful times, silly times and even Beer Pong times!! I knew I wanted to be married and have kids. I want my children to play with Emolyn, Madison, Baby Pinkerton, David, Zoe, Maci and whoever else comes along in this process. Again, my heart longs for this, it's who God has created me to be. Then I met Andy and after being apart of Open Door for the last 3 years, he grew to want the same things, how loving is our God! We got married and I moved to Scottsdale far from my community, but my sweet friends still came to parties at my house even though it was far...and if you know me...I hate far, everything needs to be 5 minutes away and if it's not, it's too far! Fast forward to this house...we weren't supposed to even officially start looking until June 13, because like I said driving to Central Phx after work was TOO FAR!! But after looking at some of our options I couldn't wait, so we moved forward...quickly! We saw a house last Wednesday...put in an offer...because it is a short sell and quite volatile, Mark thought it best to keep looking in case the bank didn't approve our offer, so Sunday we checked out a few more. The last house is smack dab in the middle of "Open Door Estates," from the interior pictures it was not my taste or style AT ALL! That kitchen...will be ripped out ASAP! The bathrooms...hideous. But WE loved the area because it was close to all of you and our hearts have been knitted together. So we submitted an offer, I was ready and willing to give them the listing price and more if that's what it would take! But Andy and Mark didn't think we should appear to be so eager. So we made an offer and they made a counter offer at 1:00 today, by the way they were an hour late...that was torturous! For the first part of the day Mark, Andy and I were giving play by play accounts of what was happening...at one point Andy just responded with, "I'm eating raspberries." We were in that much detail! Mark was great, the sellers realtor worked out of the same office and they bumped into each other in the hall a few minutes before the seller came in to discuss our offer, Mark let him know that we would not be able to afford a certain amount and when the counter offer came in, it was exactly what we could afford! Best part...the sellers realtor ALSO GOES TO OPEN DOOR...how cool! We quickly signed the counter offer not easy to do with 3 different people and 3 different locations and 10 minutes before I had to go into a meeting! Then came time to drop off a check at the Title Company...I never carry my check book with me and today I did...which meant we could get there in time before they closed to give them the earnest money. Now we just need to work out the loan details and Grant Botma is amazing! He will actually be out of town all next week...I hate waiting, but in his place is Mike Zins...holy cow...Mike Zins and I worked together at GCU...literally sat right next to each other in the office!! I couldn't ask for more! We have been taken care of so much in this process and can just hear God saying, I love you so much Meredith and Andy and this is just one small way I can show you! It's so excited!

Even if this isn't THE house...we know for sure we want to be closer to our friends and this just soldified it!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

We submitted an offer!

This house is super cool...enormous great room, we can even put my long awaited pool table AND dining table in!! New AC, indoor laundry...what a luxury!! It faces Squaw Peak mountain, come in does it get any better! HUGE backyard!! RV parking...yes I said RV parking...because I also dream of having an RV someday!! I keep telling Mark (our realtor) this is the house I'm going to die in! Misting system in the back! Central vacuum...prewired surround sound...Andy is really excited about that! We do have to do some minor cosmetic updates...no big deal...I love to do that. We will need to paint it something other than poop brown, put in new floors, new doors and at some point the backyard is big enough we could add onto the back bedroom and make a master suite!! EEEEEEK, so excited! This is so much fun...best part ever, I'm near all my bestest buds!! The house is at 12th st and just south of Bethany Home...I'll keep ya posted!

Friday, May 15, 2009

the hunt begins!!!

We have decided to move!! Yea!! I'm super excited, Andy's super excited, and even Charlie is super excited!! We can't wait to be closer to our friends, church and my family. We have a great realtor, Mark Shipley and a great mortgage consultant, Grant Botma www.stewardshipmortgage.biz, we both really feel this is a great time to buy and have great trust in both Grant and Mark to help us find our ideal home!!

Here are our 2 favorite houses so far...

house #1 is 1125 W Marshall Ave...2 streets north of Matthew and Jessica!!

house #2 1529 W Puget Ave...15th ave and just south of Dunlap

In the words of Jana...SUPER FUN!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Insecure and some ramblings...

So if you know me at all, you know I love my job and have actually been succesful in the last several months. However I have been feeling so insecure lately...my team has been doing a great job, i don't feel like I've made any huge mistakes, but I have this huge fear that I will be fired. I think it's because I'm insecure, not only in my job, but as a person...I don't really buy the whole language of love deal, but if I had to choose one it would be words of affirmation. I need to hear that I'm doing a good job, the managers have all gotten a collective thank you and great job...which is great to hear, but I want to know that I AM appreciated, I want to know if I would be missed, I can handle the truth I just need to hear it...I haven't received bad feedback, however I also haven't received personal good feedback either, so I immediately go to, "well I'm going to be fired, I should just quit now." I realize I can not control or manipulate the situation and ultimatly I need to trust God and that is really hard right now...I guess I write this not to receive compliments on my work ethic or advise on if I should talk to my director, but rather point me to God, just need a reminder that He is in control, He has me exactly where He want's me and will provide for me each day...so if you're reading this and want to leave a comment...point me towards Christ, sometimes I forget, He's all I need!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been awhile...

Don't know really where to start, life has been busy, but I think I've fallen into a routine...which for me is a great thing. I enjoy the security and consistency of routine. I wake up in the morning and LOVE my hike up Camelback mountain, it's the best part of my day, I get to clear my head and hear the birds chirp and push myself hard, I'm quite competitive, so I always try to catch the person in from of me no matter how far ahead they are! Sometimes is works, sometimes it doesn't. after my hike I get ready for work and go into the office where for the next 9 or 10 hours I stress and manage 12 people who are all different! We have one goal...get the students financed for school before they start...I've found when you work with people's money, they become quite sensitive! Overall I really enjoy my job, I've worked very hard to be where I'm at and I plan to go up the "ladder." I commute back home for the next 30 minutes and usually walk into a kitchen where my dinner is waiting for me...Andy is such a great husband...and the kitchen is more often than not, CLEAN...even better!! I soooo appreciate him! After dinner we have been watching LOST and American Idol...both of which we are completely addicted to!! That is what we do everyday during the week, we are usually so spent from work, we don't have much energy for anything else.

I love my weekends (as long as I don't work), Andy and I will hike in the morning, sometimes with Aaron and Ashley or my good friend Katie. Then the rest of the day is spent doing chores and watching more seasons of LOST. The best part of the weekend is seeing out friends! I love my girls and spending time with them, last night we did "Holy Yoga," it was great!! I can't wait to do it again! I love love love my girlfriends and I'm so blessed to have each one of them in my life!!

Sundays are generally spent sleeping in like the rest of America, usually we go to church and then my parents for lunch. By nightime we are ready to veg again in front of the TV where Desperate Housewives keeps us, yes even Andy, entertained for at least an hour!

So that's my life as of late...not too exciting...but wouldn't change it for the world, I have a great husband and the best friends ever! I will try not to wait so long before the next update!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Marriage Retreat

So we just returned from the marriage retreat. Wow, still processing, I never realized how much I dislike affection. Actually it's not that I dislike it, I become SOOOO uncomfortable seeing couples cuddle and hold eachother. I like to sit next to Andy, even hold his hand, I don't like to dance and sway or "melt" into his arms like others were describing it. I think its because to do that requires me to be vulnerable something I thought I had down but realized I don't. It was awkward during communion while Andy prayed...how weird is that, why should I feel weird or awkward. That's one thing I learned and would like to work on.

Next would be the unresolved crap with my family. I never really grasped nor understood how much my relationship with my dad has poisoned my relationship with Andy. I still don't totally get the connection, Andy is NOTHING like my dad, how in the world could I respond to him like I would my dad. It has shown in my inability to trust Andy as a leader and provider. At some point I have to forgive and not allow the sin done against me to dictate or determine my healthiness. There is so much to forgive and so many years of betrayal. I'm scared to start a family and carry this junk with me.

I was reminded how much Andy loves me and is committed to me and the health of our marriage. I love that we can laugh...all the time. I love that he trusts me. I love that he is even-keeled. I love that he is a safe place for me. I love that I am free to express myself, contradict myself and process my thoughts when they don't always make sense. He listens, he listens well and hears what I'm saying or needs even when I haven't verbally communicated it. He is so incredibly tender with me and patient. He hikes with me, even in the morning when he would rather stay in bed. He knows that after a long day at work I just need quiet and some wine and a foot rub. He cooks for me. He cleans the house when he knows someone is coming over. He is committed to our dog, he loves Charlie and won't give up on training him. He makes me laugh like no one else can. I'm feeling more and more safe at giving him access to my heart and the really hard stuff I never even knew existed until I got married. He's earned the right to tell me when I'm being a jerk and I can step back enough because I trust him and see how I've hurt someone. He hates gossip and will redirect the conversation if he thinks I'm going to gossip about someone. I love that. I love him and can't wait to be married to him for 60 years. I love our friends. I love that we have people who are for us and actively praying for us and the health of our marriage. I love Open Door. I remembered how much I love Jesus, He continues to meet every need. He gave me Andy. I love my husband!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Super Fun weekend...

It all started on Friday night when the Schanen's and Childers' went to non other than the JOURNEY concert!! It was awesome! We sang and danced and laughed, we all had a good time!!

Then on Sunday we took a trip up to Sedona for a hike with our buddies Ashley and Aaron. They are the kind of friends I can totally be myself with. I LOVE spending time with them, we pretty much laugh the whole time, but what I like is that I can trust who I really I am with them and talk about hard stuff. It was a great hike with great conversation, good food, bad margaritas and at one point a really stinky car! I saw a snake and almost stepped on a tarantula (reminds me of one of Jana's former clients!) and got to go to the top of a fire lookout! We've already planned our next trip...you see I have this book of 100 Arizona Hikes, a life goal is to complete them all, at one point I thought I could do it in a little less than 2 years, it was pointed out to me that would be hiking almost every weekend...so now I've changed it to a life long goal. I'll keep you posted on what I've done...I've completed 5...only 95 more to go!